The Journey Begins…

My name is Aleese Hughes, and I am many things…

Above everything else, I am a wife and mother. My husband and baby girl are everything to me. But that is not all! I am an entertainer in Branson, MO, I sell Senegence Makeup, AND I am a passionate writer. Even though I do all of these things, my baby is with me 24/7! You heard me right! She waits backstage for cuddles in-between my numbers, and she is behind the scenes as I do makeup tutorial videos and while I write. Yes, my life is busy, but I have never been happier. Hence my tagline: “Love This Chaos.” ❤

I am SO excited to be starting this blog! I have been wanting to do one for a while. I have a TON to write about… be prepared for a hodge-podge of content! I will be writing stories (both fictional AND about my life), giving makeup tips, writing about performance/musical theater, giving information on the makeup I sell… This will be SO fun!

I think I am going to start with some fun facts about my little family and me!

My husband Aaron and I met, apparently, when we were toddlers! We knew each other because both our families are heavily involved in show business. He and I were attracted to each other for many reasons, one being our LOVE for the stage! Performing is our passion. We had little crushes on each other as teenagers, but Aaron left to serve an LDS mission in Japan for two years. Because life goes on, I ended up having three boyfriends (at different times, of course…), and I was even engaged to one of them before he got home! ;P But, we must have been meant for each other because he still won my love in the end!

Aaron and I got married January 4th, 2017. Almost ten months later, we had our first child: Gwendolyn May Hughes (Gwen for short). She is named after my great-grandmother, my grandma, and my mother! Allow me to explain: my mother’s name is Wendi Lynn because my great-grandmother Gwendolyn never liked her name and wanted to be called “Wendi Lynn.” So… to honor her, my mother was named just that. Haha! And my grandmother’s middle name is May. I think that covers it… 😉

I never thought I could love someone so much when I had Gwen! She is almost 8 months old now, and she and I are best buds! Her happy personality continues to blossom, and she has officially learned how to give me wet, slobbery kisses! Here is a sweet picture of my girl:


❤ ❤ ❤ I know… we make cute babies!

Well, I think that is a PERFECT end to my first blog post! Thank you for reading!

-Aleese Hughes


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