Journaling for My Children

Look at this cutie learning to crawl! ❤

Little Gwen is growing up so fast, and she is learning every day! I’ve always thought it to be very important to document the important things in life… Not just through pictures and videos, but through journals as well. I decided a little bit ago to write a journal for Gwen and give it to her on her 18th birthday. I am going to do that not only for her but for all of my children.

For my blog today, I decided to share the first entry I made in Gwen’s journal (I’ll leave the other entries to be just for her). It reads as follows:



I’ve been feeling SO strongly that I should be doing this for some time now. I know you’re already almost eight months old, but it’s better late than never!

Gwen, you are my first- I am sure I will have many more children, but you will always be the one who made me a mother. ❤

My pregnancy was rough. I became pregnant with you about a month after your dad and I got married. I knew Heavenly Father wanted us to have a baby, but I felt unprepared… Not to mention, I was SO sick the entire time! I have dealt with depression my entire life and being sick at home, alone, while your dad was at work every day put me in a bad place emotionally. I missed performing, I missed being active, I missed my family… The reason I am writing all of this is so I can point out this one thing: I knew you’d be worth it! I always knew I’d love you, but nothing could have prepared me for knowing just how much I would.

Labor wasn’t fun, of course, but it was the most REWARDING experience! IMMEDIATELY when you were born, I fell in love. You were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen (I’m sure I’ll think that about all my babies)! 😉 You were so helpless as I held you to my chest… you stopped crying as soon as we touched.

****Note: You were two weeks early and 5 lbs 13 oz!

Since you’ve been born, I have lost sleep, my body will never be the same, but I have never been happier than when I hold you in my arms. You are my world, and you make me want more babies!

You’re getting so big! You have NO problem sitting up by yourself, and you’re getting SO close to crawling! Please stop growing up… Okay, we can make a deal: you can grow up as long as you give me cute grandbabies someday!

I remember when you first smiled at me… It melted my heart! You have the sweetest disposition and you’re friendly with everyone! You smile with your entire face, crinkling your sparkling eyes. Also, your laugh is infectious! ❤ Your happiness touches the hearts of everyone around you.

When I was pregnant with you, your daddy gave me a blessing during a particularly rough day- I’ll never forget it. First, it said that I have been called to be a mother to many special spirits and that when my children learned I was to be their mother, they rejoiced. You are one of those spirits, Gwendolyn. Second, the blessing said that during my pregnancy and throughout all my time with you, I would know, love, and understand your personality to a great extent.

Every time I think about that blessing, this comes to mind: I have always felt that you are compassionate and have the ability to see the good in people.

Hmm… what else should I write about in this first entry? You’re still breastfeeding. I plan to be nursing you for a while still, but once in a while, you’ll enjoy a couple bites of baby food. 😉 You ate four bites of green beans mixed with applesauce a few days ago! 😉

The only way you’ll fall asleep is if both Dad and I are lying next to you, each with an arm around your little body. What else? Sometimes I’m the only person who will make you happy. I actually kind of like that! I have a baby that LOVES me! I’m her favorite person right now, and she needs me. ❤ I love you so-o-o-o-o much, my sweet girl!

Here’s another thing: You are SO stinkin’ cute! ❤ ❤ ❤ The CUTEST!  Your daddy and I officially make the cutest babies!

Well, I think that is all for right now! By the way, this journal will be filled with stories, things you do, advice, what I love about you… I hope this is something you will cherish someday.


Mommy <3″

That’s my first entry to Gwen! I hope you guys enjoyed reading it! Maybe doing a journal is something you mothers and fathers out there might want to do for your kids! 😀

In my journal entry to Gwen, I mentioned receiving a blessing from my husband. For those of you who are not familiar with what priesthood blessings are, can help answer your questions. 😀

Thank you for reading!

-Aleese Hughes

7 thoughts on “Journaling for My Children

  1. I can relate to so many emotions you have expressed and it is a great way for kids to know how much they are loved.


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