To My Husband on This Father’s Day…

I wanted to write something for my husband on this day of all days. I hope it touches not only his heart but yours as well.


You are the man I fell in love with, and today I celebrate that just as much as your fatherhood. You make me want to be my best self and without you, I’d be a mess.

From the very beginning all the way up to now, you have treated me with an angelic grace and kindness. You have been my rock and reel me in when I’m too anxious or worried, comfort me whenever I need it, and you make me feel special beyond reason. ;P

Sometimes I look at you and think, “Wow… I married that guy…” SO many girls liked you during your life, but somehow, you chose me. ❤ ❤ ❤

***For those of you who don’t know, he was very popular with the ladies. Haha.

When Gwendolyn was born and you held her for the first time, my love for you deepened- something I didn’t think could happen. I love watching you with our baby… You treat her with the same angelic grace and kindness you treat me with, and I KNOW with a surety that she loves you back. She looks at you with so much admiration and lights up every time you enter the room. You’re just the perfect daddy for our little girl.

You do more than you know for Gwen and me, and we’re forever grateful. Happy Father’s Day!


Your Wife

What did you guys do for the special fathers in your life? Share in the comments!! 😀 😀 Here are some pictures of the gifts I gave Aaron for his first Father’s Day (in addition to this post):



Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads out there!!!

-Aleese Hughes

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