Must-Reads for the Occasionally Bored Momma

***This post contains affiliate links. This does not cost you anything unless you choose to buy the product(s) advertised.***

Sometimes, as a stay-at-home mom, we need stuff to do to keep us sane!! 😂 Now me, I LOVE reading, and here are some of my suggestions for not only you mommas, but for everybody:

1. The Stormlight Archives

Brandon Sanderson is my FAVORITE author, and this series is my favorite among his many works. Three books are out so far.

If you like fantasy, adventure romance… these are for you! Sanderson created his own world, his own magic, and interesting characters! Here are some links if you want to check them out and/or buy them.

Book One: The Way of Kings


Book Two: Words of Radiance


Book Three: Oathbringer


2. The Kingkiller Chronicles

Oh my goodness, guys! This author (Patrick Rothfuss) is a VERY close second to Brandon Sanderson. My husband and I just listened to the first book together, and it is so FUN and INTRIGUING! Another great fantasy and adventure series! There are 2.5 books out… Yes, that’s what I said: 2.5.

Book One: The Name of the Wind


Book Two: The Wise Man’s Fear


Book 2.5: The Slow Regard of Silent Things


3. Edenbrooke

I have to put in a romance, right? If you like Jane Austen and need a quick read, this one is for you!



I hope that’s  good start for you guys! Happy reading!!!

-Aleese Hughes


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