Please Pray for Those Involved with the “Ride the Ducks” Tragedy…

My home is Branson, MO... I shop here, I perform here, and I live here. When tragedy hits close to home, it's hard to comprehend. Branson is a huge tourist town, and we have an attraction called "Ride the Ducks." You board a boat/car, drive to the lake, then the boat cruises through Branson's beautiful Table Rock [...]

“Empower Yourself Through Self-Love and Self-Care” Guest Post by Deeksha Tripathi

Deeksha's Bio: This post has been authored by Deeksha Tripathi, a blogger from India. She is a teacher, mom of a toddler, and owner of where she writes real-life, inspirational stories of women who have made a difference to the world.   Empower Yourself Through Self Love and Self Care Women are the most [...]

Fourth of July Poem

Happy Fourth of July, everybody! To celebrate our independence and to honor those who have served, I have written a poem that I would like to share: "Gifts From the Fallen" By Aleese Hughes  Standing firm as the flag unfurls Standing firm as the wind whirls Hands on heart as the tears fall Hands on heart [...]