My Favorite “Me-Time” Activities

I am a wife and mother… as you all probably know by this point. 😜 Being those things are WONDERFUL, but sometimes I need good, old-fashioned “me-time!” Give me a “Whoop, whoop” if you other mothers feel the same way!!! πŸ’

Here are some of my favorite things to do (when I get the chance):

1. Bubble BathsΒ 


Guys, when I get the chance to take a nice, warm bath, I tend to spend HOURS in one! πŸ™ˆ Heehee… This momma needs that relaxation! I fill it with bubbles, various essential oils, and just let go of all my tension!

2. Reading a Great BookΒ 

I LOVE reading! As a kid, when I got in trouble, my parents would ground me from my books! 😜Read my past post to know what some of my book recommendations are: Must-Reads for the Occasionally Bored Momma

3. Watching Pride and Prejudice While I Fold Laundry…Β 


Ever since I can remember, my mother would OFTEN watch the eight hour version of Pride and Prejudice while doing various chores around the house… especially laundry. I have adopted that tradition, and I actually look forward to the days when I desperately need to catch up on laundry and turn on one of the greatest romance stories of all time!! 😍😍

4. Watching a Good Movie


I really do love a good movie every once in a while! My FAVORITE movies of all time are The Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

5. Going on a Drive

Sometimes I just really enjoy taking road trips by myself (short or long). I’ll put on an audiobook and enjoy the ride!

Well… those are only SOME of the things this busy momma enjoys doing in her free-time! Activities like those are what keep me sane!!! 😝😝

Thanks for reading,

Aleese Hughes



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