2018 Summer Vacation!

Earlier this month, Aaron and I had the show off for a whole week! 😍😍😍 We decided to take a little trip to Indiana to visit my family! And it was WONDERFUL! ♥️

Day 1- On the Road…

On Saturday, August 4th, we headed out on the road RIGHT after our night show. I had to get there at a decent time the next day to fill in for my dad’s show “Twist the Night Away” in French Lick, Indiana.

You know, road trips are REALLY fun sometimes, but it got hard with our little baby. 😂😂 So… we took a LOT of breaks. Here are some pictures of Gwendolyn playing in the passenger seat while we were parked at a Walmart on the way:



Day 2- “Twist the Night Away”

On Sunday, I took as much of a nap as I could at my parents’ house in Columbus, IN before we headed out for French Lick so I could fill in for one of Dad’s girls in his show. Guys, it was SO fun!!! I learned the show in a little less than a week, but I felt like it turned out okay. 😜 It has always been a dream of mine, since I was a little girl, to be in Dad’s “Twist the Night Away.” I just always ended up living somewhere else once I was old enough, but I actually got the chance!!! Here are some pictures before and after the show (some pictures are with two of my sisters and my mom- they all help with sound, lights, etc. in the shows):

Day 3- Date Night!!!

Aaron and I don’t have a lot of opportunities to go out without the baby… haha. BUT… my mother offered to watch her for a couple hours while we went to dinner! 😍😍 So… we went to this cool place in Columbus called Zaharako’s. It’s an old-fashioned soda and ice cream shop (that also serves food) that was first established in the 1800s. We got some sodas made from the old-fashioned soda fountain, ordered some food, then explored Columbus for a bit. Here are some cool pictures of the Zaharako’s gift shop:


Day 4- Cincinnati!

Tuesday, we decided to take a two-hour drive to Cincinnati, Ohio. We planned on going to Graeter’s Ice Cream and then to walk to Smale Riverfront Park and enjoy the cool things there (keep reading to learn more about the park). But… guess what happened?! It was POURING RAIN THE WHOLE TIME! But… guess what we still did?! We didn’t let a little rain stop our fun! We still walked all over Cincinnati and played in this fun park! We got the park almost completely to ourselves because no one else wanted to play in the rain. 😂😂 Yes, we were drenched, but it was one of the most fun days we’ve ever had.

Anyway, Smale Riverfront Park is HUGE and has a TON of cool things! There’s a giant keyboard to play on with your feet, giant chess/checker boards, rock walls, slides, splash pads, a maze, swings… It’s a must-go if you ever go to Cincinnati! Here are some fun pictures from our outing:


Day 5- Time for a Break…

We got some much-needed sleep on this day and played some games with my siblings after they got home from school. It was a nice, relaxing day. My parents also took all of us out to dinner. AND…I did go to a Rotary Club to sing with my dad, but that was still pretty fun.

Day 6- Dinner and Band Show Preview

Thursday was great because we got to have dinner with my uncle Steve and aunt Teresa- they live in Columbus, as well. And then, we were able to see my sister Olivia’s high school marching band preview this year’s show. Olivia is a senior and their lead drum major, so she rocks! Here are a couple pics from that night (the four in these pictures are Ellie, Dallin, Gwendolyn, and me- Ellia and Dallin are the two youngest of my five siblings):

Day 7- Commons Indoor Playground

Friday night, Aaron and I were watching Gwen (of course), Ellie, and Dallin. We decided to take them to this great indoor playground in Columbus. And, of course, here are some pictures:

Day 8- Swimming and “I’ve Got the Music in Me”

This was the day where we took all the kids swimming! We also went to see Dad’s other show: “I’ve Got the Music in Me.” It was a great day. And… more pictures!!!

Day 9- Church and One Last Show of “Twist the Night Away”

This was the last day before we had to head back out for Branson. We went to church with my family, and then I performed one last show with my dad.

Day 10- On the Road Again…

After the good-byes and some tears, we went on our way. It was a nice, relaxing drive because we decided to take our time. It really was a fun trip, and I’m so grateful we were able to see my family.


I hope all of you enjoyed reading about our trip! It was a much-needed vacation for this busy momma!


Aleese Hughes

21 thoughts on “2018 Summer Vacation!

  1. Being parents is a real tough job. Great that you finally got time to have a date night with just both of you. Your baby looks so cute… Indiana is a really amazing place.

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  2. I could totally relate to this. I have just returned from a trip to my parents’. It is always fun to meet your siblings and spend time with your family. Your baby is adorable 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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