Finding Motivation

I’m going to be honest with you guys… It’s been a hard few weeks for me- especially emotionally. Sometimes depression and anxiety can hit you hard (read my past post Remember the Good to learn more about what I’ve struggled with in my life). A medical emergency for my husband came up, a lot of rehearsals for our Christmas show are happening, and sometimes I am just too tired to even load the dishwasher. 😂😂 😂

Due to some of these crazy events, it’s been a little difficult to find joy in the things I’m doing or to find the motivation in keeping up with things like my blog and my Senegence business… Today I had to give myself a wake-up call, and that is why I am now writing vulnerably.

I sat myself down today and listed off in my head the reasons I am doing what I’m doing- why I go on stage every day, why I clean the house and take care of my sweet baby, and why I write, just to name a few. Here is the resounding reason I came up with: in the end, I will always love it. I have a passion for what I do and every day doesn’t have to be perfect. In other words, we all have down days. It’s important for us to go back to the beginning and remember that we love life. Guys, I LOVE being on stage! I LOVE my husband and daughter! I LOVE writing!

On that note, I want to let all of you in on a new project I have started working on… I’m writing a book! That’s all I’m going to say- I won’t tell you what it’s about or anything, but you can stay tuned… Although, do remember that it may be a long process. 😜

Thanks for all of the support, everybody!!


Lots of love,

Aleese Hughes

8 thoughts on “Finding Motivation

  1. I’ve had one or more of those days where I just feel so low that I think “what’s the point of doing this?”. That’s why it is always good to take a break and a breather for a while until you collect yourself and find the reason why you do it.

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