The Christmas Season

Hello, readers! I have been a bit MIA lately when it comes to posting… I can explain why, though!

The holidays are a busy time of year for EVERYBODY, but my life is slightly different from other mommas out there… Yes, I am spending a ton of time finding the best deals for my Christmas shopping… Yes, I am struggling to keep the laundry and dishes done… But on top of all that, I have 6-8 shows to do nearly every week! Guys, I’m tired. BUT!!!!! I LOVE OUR CHRISTMAS SHOW! Singing and dancing to all the best Christmas songs and touching the hearts of our audiences is seriously one of my favorite things!

Here in Branson, MO, Christmas starts RIGHT after Halloween. You see little ghosts and princesses walking around the neighborhoods one night, then on November 1st… BOOM! It’s Christmas! Trees go up everywhere and lots of the shows switch to the special Holiday Season, including us at the Hughes Brothers Theater. And amidst all the rehearsal and millions of shows to perform, it can be exciting and fun! Sure, I’m exhausted at this point, but I am so grateful I have the opportunity to do what I love throughout the year with our regular show and our Christmas show.

Guys, Christmas is really fun with the carols, lights, presents… But I wanted to move past the secular for just a bit and write about the true meaning. In the second half of our show, we focus on the symbols of Christmas and the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Sometimes, while I sing as an angel during our Nativity scene, I try to really let the feeling sink in. We are so blessed to have a holiday where we celebrate our Lord. He truly is the greatest gift, and His love and mercy can bless our lives in every way. And this year, as I watch my daughter open her presents, I’m going to remember the blessing it is to have my little family and for the knowledge we have of the Gospel.


Thanks for letting me share!

-Aleese Hughes

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