Day 2- Go the Whole Day Without Correcting My Husband

Well, ladies and gentlemen… I’ve gotta be honest with you: This one was a little difficult for me. Like I said in yesterday’s post, I’m a little bit of a nag and can be stubborn sometimes. BUT, I felt like I did pretty well over all. The few times I did try to correct him, I caught myself and tried to make up for it. And let me tell you something! In times I might have been annoyed with stuff he said or did, my thought process turned to understanding him and his personality better.

We ALL get annoyed with our spouses sometimes. I’m sure I drive Aaron crazy from time to time too, but we definitely will always love and respect each other.

Today is Day 3- Don’t interrupt him while he is talking. I think I can handle this one! Haha! 🤪 Come back tomorrow to read about how I did/what I learned.


-Aleese C. Hughes

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