Day 12- Who is a Wife I Admire? Try to be More Like Her Today

For this day, I thought of my mother and my mother-in-law. Some traits that they both have in common are being selfless and engaged in their surroundings. So, I focused on trying those two things yesterday. I paid even more attention to my spouse and my daughter, tried to catch up on some laundry, and tried to put my family before myself. This one was a little harder because humans are selfish by nature, but I really tried!

My mother and mother-in-law are both very Christ-like people, and it is important we each strive to be more like Christ every day. I admire the efforts in both my mother and mother-in-law and am grateful for the reminder that yesterday gave me.

Today is Day 13- Participate in an activity my husband wants to do. Come back tomorrow to read all about it!

-Aleese C. Hughes

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