Day 13- Participate in an Activity My Husband Wants to Do

Yesterday, I didn’t just do ONE activity with my husband… I did a TON. I made the decision that morning to go even further with yesterday’s challenge and do all the stuff he wanted to do whenever he mentioned it. We are very much a game-loving family, so lots of games were played! It was super fun, and I could tell it made Aaron very happy to have quality, fun-time with me. I also really enjoyed how much time we spent together, too.

Guys, spouses need quality time together!!!! πŸ€ͺ😁 Sometimes we forget how much we need our husbands or wives until we take the effort to give them our undivided attention every once in a while.

Today is Day 14- Show my husband some passion. I’ll update all of you tomorrow morning!! 😘😘


-Aleese C. Hughes

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