Day 20- Spend the Day Working on a List of Things I Love About My Husband

Well… I figured out yesterday that Aaron knows I’ve been doing this challenge……….. 🤦‍♀️ Hm… Maybe I should’ve guessed that such a supporting, loving husband might be reading my blog! 😂 He usually isn’t on social media and things like that, so I assumed… haha! This is how I figured it out:

I wrote this list of things I love about him and decided that he might like to read it. When I handed it to him, he said:

“Is this for your blog?”

“You know?!”

“Yeah… Don’t worry, I thought it was sweet!” *cue his adorable grin as I facepalm myself*

Oh well! Anyway, yesterday I decided to shoot for the goal to write 50 things I love about Aaron. The first 25 were pretty easy, but the last 25 were eye-opening. Sitting there pondering with the intention to think of ways I love Aaron that don’t usually come to mind made me think, “Holy crap, my husband really is incredible!”

If any of you are doing this challenge along with me, shoot to write down 50 things about your spouse! If you’re not doing this challenge, write 50 things anyway! 😁😁

Today is Day 21- Send him a romantic, unexpected text. I can promise the romantic text, but I can’t promise anything unexpected anymore (considering that he has probably read this post)! 🤪

Thanks for reading (including you, Aaron ;P)!

-Aleese C. Hughes

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