Peas and Princesses

Mildred Wallander, otherwise known as Milly, knows nothing more than the normality of a simple peasant life. That is, until she is forced to play as her kingdom’s missing princess and marry a prince in order to satiate her King’s need for power. Milly experiences more than she signed up for and sets off on a journey that takes her to places she would have never thought possible. She comes across opportunities for love and even encounters a little magic. Can she overcome growing into a person she can no longer recognize? And can something as small as a pea change everything?

Peas and Princesses is a fun, young adult novel that especially calls out to those pre-teen/teen girls that love fantasy romance!!!

Well, this is my first novel! Sounds interesting? Buy the eBook for $3.99, or for free if you have Kindle Unlimited!!! The paperback version will be available SOON for $12.99!!! Click this link to preview/buy: Peas and Princesses


Disclaimer: I am an amateur writer, and I know that. But regardless, I am so proud of my accomplishment and am looking forward to publishing my next book. Thanks to you ALL for the encouragement and support!!!


Aleese Hughes

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