It’s a Journey…

Lots of you know that I have really been struggling. I have dealt with anxiety/depression all of my life, and it has been particularly bad the last couple of years– to the point where the last couple of months have had many times where I feel like there is no more hope.

Without going into a lot of details, I am trying to start the journey of finding who I am and how to love myself, my life, and be happy. There are a lot of things I feel like the Lord has prompted me to pursue recently, and that includes writing. My first book is out, and the second is in progress!

He is also teaching me of my value not just as a human being, but as a mother. My daughter was a godsend. Heavenly Father knew of the relationship that was missing in my life, and that was the connection I have with Gwendolyn. She is my best friend in addition to being my daughter. I know she is just a toddler, but her understanding and love for the people around her is incredible, and I notice it everyday. I know she and I were close before we even came to this earth. I’m so excited to reunite with the other children Heavenly Father wants me to have. Being a mother is one of the best things I could possible do with my life. ❤️

Even though my life has taken me to a point that I cannot be performing in the show right now, I believe the Lord still wants me to use my talents (all of my talents) not only to serve Him, but to bring me joy. I still find happiness in singing– it will always be a part of me!



Thanks for reading! I love all my blog followers!!!

-Aleese C. Hughes

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