Staying Motivated

First of all, I want to mention that the eBook of Peas and Princesses (Book One) is only 99 CENTS from today and all the way through next Thursday (October 11th)! There are lots of link on my site that can take you there, but I’ll add it here as well: Peas and Princesses Link

So, I have two deadlines right now. One for the novella about a character from book one, and the other deadline is for book three: Pumpkins and Princesses. Before I say more, let it be known that I LOVE writing, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard sometimes.

Yes, writing is HARD, but the thing for me to remember is that it is SO rewarding. I can’t stress enough how much writing my books has helped me emotionally. Many of you know anxiety and depression have been a significant part of my life, and just sitting down to write and create something that a bunch of people love has been SO therapeutic. My biggest goal before I leave this world is to inspire and nurture people with my talents and with my fight against depression.

But sometimes I’ll sit in front of my computer to write 3,000 words, but Netflix ends up playing. Or, I’ll curl up in a ball and cry because I’ll feel worthless and less than talented as an author. Hey, it happens to the best of us, am I right?

My biggest piece of advice in this area is to PUSH ONWARD! Make goals for yourself and meet them each day. That will make you feel better about yourself in the long run. 😀

Thanks for reading!

-Aleese Hughes

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