My Kickstarter Campaign!

Hello, everybody! First of all, thanks to ALL who have read books one and two so far of “The Tales and Princesses Series!” I have a few more that will be released within the next few months, but the thing about self-publishing is this: it’s EXPENSIVE! So… I started a Kickstarter Campaign to help me out a bit, and YOU can help me, too! Here is the link to donate: Kickstarter for My Series

This is what I wrote for the campaign so you can get more of an idea to what you are considering donating towards: Hello, everybody! My name is Aleese Hughes, and I am an indie author of a Young Adult Fantasy Series! But let’s go back a little bit… My entire life, I have struggled with anxiety and depression, and boy, it has been a tough battle! After a lot of trial and error, learning who I am, and LOTS of prayers, I have discovered what my true calling is: to be a mother. Not just to my own daughter and other future children, but to be a nurturing influence for EVERYBODY! I want to inspire the world with my talents and lifestyle and help those who struggle with mental illnesses to know they are not alone in the fight. Yes, I am a stay-at-home mom (which is a divine, wonderful job), and I am also following my dreams by publishing some novels! Writing has always been a huge passion of mine, and I also write my books in ways that I would feel comfortable letting my own kids read someday. The first two out of five in the series I’m working on are out, but I need your help! Why? I will use the money from this Kickstarter to fund my book development. For example, hiring artists, getting better equipment for writing, and even hiring some experienced editors. I want to write a BUNCH of high-quality books for my current and future readers! I appreciate all the help I can get and will also give some pretty great rewards to those donating! Thanks for your support.

Anyway, there are some GREAT rewards if you contribute some money (if you want a reward, be sure to click which one before donating). $10 or more= eBook editions of both books one and two. $50 or more= paperback editions of both books one and two. $75 or more= have your name in book four as a character! $100 or more= choose to have your name used in either book five PLUS get the paperbacks of books one and two! The character reward for $100 is limited, but the rewards for $10 or $50 are UNLIMITED!

Here is the link again: Click Here


Aleese Hughes

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